Wed August 16 2017
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SKYWARN Training

Saturday June 18, 2016 at 1:00 PM SKYWARN Spotter Training at la Oficina de Omme in Lares, PR.
For more information please contact the Patriot Amateur Emergency Radio Club at

Sabado 18 de Junio 2016 a las 1:00 pm entrenamiento de SKYWARN en la Oficina de Omme de Lares, PR
Para mas informacion se pueden comunicar con el Patriot Amateur Emergency Radio Club a

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What is SKYWARN?

SKYWARN is a plan sponsored by the San Juan National Weather Service Office (NWSFO), using volunteer weather observer for reporting destructive thunderstorms, Flood events or other severe, unusual, or hazardous weather conditions. Amateur radio operators (HAMS) and weather observers, generally operate through the island and are ideally equipped to contribute to the SKYWARN program.

* National Weather Service San Juan, PR.
* National SKYWARN Page
* What is Ham Radio?
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Today's Weather Impact Levels

The information from this page is the way Puerto Rico SKYWARN program operates. It is your responsibility to find out how the program is set-up in your area. The author(s) of these pages and the contents therein is (are) not responsible for any of your actions as a result of what you see here!
Storm spotting/chasing should only be done by trained individuals. Information on this page should NOT be used in lieu of official NWS storm spotter training.
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